Product Overview

Silica Earth™ products are a unique composition of sustainably harvested volcanic minerals that work synergistically to create one of nature’s most powerful nutrients for plant strength.

Silica Earth™  is a unique typology of volcanically derived minerals and micronutrients, such as montmorillonite, chlorite, pyrophyllite, kaolinite, and mixed lattice chlorite-montmorillonite. As magma cools and solidifies in the shallow volcanic beds where Silica Earth™ is found, each mineral crystallizes at different temperatures. This phenomenon – called ‘magmatic differentiation by crystal fractionation’ – produces the distinct properties of Silica Earth™ products.

Silica Earth™ produces two types of Silica products: Soil Conditioner and Micronized Powder. Soil Conditioner (Granular, 1/4 minus) can be amended into soil beds, added to soil mixes, and used for all transplanting. Micronized Powder (Milled, fine powder) can be added to soil mixes, applied as a top-dress, watered into soil beds, used for compost teas, and used for foliar applications. See application chart for details.