About Us


Discovered in Southern Oregon, Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals have been a game-changer.

Our team began conducting in-house trials to study the efficacies around preventing damage from pests, disease and environmental stressors. 

The Company began distributing to regional growers in 2018 and continue to collect data to further prove the many benefits for vigorous plants and healthy soils

We now have the privilege to bring these special garden supplements to growers and commercial greenhouses worldwide. In 2022 we will continue to elevate the nutrient fertilizer game with new organic fertilizers that promote safe and efficient growing with verifiable results.


Plants are teachers, Soil is wealth.

The foundation of these ancient relationships are critical to the ecological balance of our living planet. 

At our farm we approach living systems as teachers and adapt our methodologies through this intuitive process; observe, listen and then act. Being responsible stewards of the earth is a balance between direct action and complete stillness. We are thrilled to be part of this ever evolving holistic community of humans and nature.

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