Our Competitive Advantage

What Sets Us Apart

Silica Earth mineral products have five key distinctions that sets us apart from the competition. We value only making products that are of the highest standards in the industry while being beneficial for the environment.

  1. First to Market - Silica Earth™ Volcanic Silica Minerals addresses what growers have been looking for, a dry soluble silica as opposed to a liquid product. 

  2. Registered Organic - Empower AG has registered Silica Earth™ Volcanic Minerals with OMRI (Organic Materials Registered Inputs) and California’s rigorous certification agency, CDFA.

  3. Water-Soluble - Bioavailability is essential for the plants to uptake minerals. Our Silica particle size is 2-4 microns and many times smaller than other minerals that take many years to become available. Our Dry water-soluble material is soft, does not clump, and is safe for soil and Hydroponic systems. For comparison, beach sand is typically 1000 microns and talcum powder is 10 microns. 

  4. Ecologically Sourced - We source Silica minerals from shallow volcanic deposits that pose minimal harm to the environment in extraction.

  5. Eco-Friendly Packaging - We package everything in high quality post consumer, pre-printed recycled packaging.

  6. Customer Service - Whatever you need, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in understanding our customers needs as fellow growers ourselves. 

Silica Earth is Certified Organic by the cdfa and OMRI. Silica Earth™ Volcanic Minerals are the only organic certified dry silica mineral products available today.