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Silica Earth: The Science

The Missing Element

Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals is a naturally formed matrix of micronized minerals that has proven beneficial for many gardening and plant nursery applications. As magma cools and solidifies in the shallow volcanic beds each mineral crystallizes at different temperatures. This phenomenon - called 'magmatic differentiation by crystal fractionation' - produces the distinct properties of Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals.

With nature providing this amazing matrix of minerals, we at Empower AG have taken the next steps in micronization to optimize the efficacy in commercial fertigation operations. Typically minerals become available to plants only after many years of geochemical breakdown.

Size Matters 

The unique composition of Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals is a micro-fine clay (2-4 microns in size). For comparison, sand is 100 microns and silt is 10 microns. At Empower AG we believe that the size of minerals is key to plants ability to uptake these important essential and 'quasi-essential plant nutrients'.

Clay minerals are naturally formed silicate sheets. These crystalline structures are tetrahedron shapes that hold more cations (positive ions) than any other earth element. Essentially these 'superconductors' increase nutrient cycling in soils, help to increase nutrient uptake in plants and help break down important nutrients plants need for optimum growth and production. Of all minerals that plants require, clay minerals offer the most bioavailable and soluble form that plants can use immediately.

In addition, the recent scientific data on Silica points to increased nutrient uptake, reduced stress from extreme temperatures and overall improved yields for fruiting and flowering crops. Most soil mediums and plant fertilizers are missing Silica and a crucial component that is key to soil fertility and plant health.

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