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Application Rates


Silica Earth soil additive is recommended for use at every stage of plant growth, as part of a regular input into many nutrient management programs, including:

  • All stages of transplanting
  • Amending into preferred soil mix
  • Top-dress or scratching into soil bed at base of plant
  • Added to compost teas or nutrient solutions

    Applying Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals early and often is key to building living soils and thriving plants! We recommend adding once weekly for optimum growth.

     Soil- best mixed with ph-neutral compost or soil blend, added along plant roots during transplanting or scratched evenly onto any soil surface around the base of the plant.

    Liquid- added to nutrient fertilizer tank, compost teas and foliar sprayed on to plants. 

    *follow recommended input rates and schedule for optimum results.

    For customers new to Silica Earth products, we recommend three easy application methodologies to maximize results. First is to amend with growers’ preferred organic soil or coconut substrate blend; second is at the time of transplanting; and finally as a top dress around the base of plants, above where roots are growing. 

    Silica Earth application rate sheet for Micronized and Minerals +Microbes products.

    Precautions During Handling and Use-

    Adverse health effects associated with exposure to silica results from chronic exposures, when inhaled or through eye contact.  Always use adequate ventilation and dust collection protocols when handling silica dust to avoid respiration or contact with eyes.  Individuals with lung diseases or have otherwise compromised respiratory tracts are recommended to use a respirator approved for silica dust when using, handling, storing, or disposing of silica and silica packaging. If the product spills, do not dry sweep.  Instead, use dustless methods to clean (vacuum) and place in a closable container for disposal.

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