Silica Earth™ is a unique typology of volcanically derived mineral clays such as montmorillonite, chlorite, pyrophyllite, kaolinite, and mixed lattice chlorite-montmorillonite. As magma cools and solidifies in the shallow volcanic beds where Silica Earth™ is found, each mineral crystallizes at different temperatures. This phenomenon – called ‘magmatic differentiation by crystal fractionation’ – produces the distinct properties of Silica Earth™ products.

Silica Earth™ Volcanic Minerals are available as a micronized powder, 2-4 microns in size. Volcanic Minerals can be added to soil mixes, applied as a top-dress, watered into soil beds, used for compost teas, and used for foliar applications. See application chart for details.

All soil mediums offered without Silica Earth™ are missing key components for fertile and healthy soil.

Silica Earth™ is ecologically harvested from nutrient rich volcanic beds formed approximately 23 Million years ago. Nothing is added or adjusted to the original properties of these naturally sourced minerals in order to make Silica Earth™ products.

Demand for a trusted and ethically sourced brand of plant available Silica has reached a critical point. Many sources of Silica amendments are industrial by-products and likely have undesirable contaminants, along with unforeseen consequences to the environment such as soil and water contamination.