Silica Earth™ Soil Conditioner is recommended for use at every stage of plant growth, as part of a regular input into many nutrient management programs, including:

All stages of transplanting
Amending into preferred soil mix
Top-dress or scratching into soil bed at base of plant
Added to compost teas or nutrient solutions
Foliar applications*

Silica Earth™ Soil Conditioner can be applied throughout each of the growing cycles, including transplanting, vegetative, and flowering stages. We suggest applying Silica Earth™ Soil Conditioner once every week during vegetative growth and once every 3 weeks during the flowering stage.

Results from early control studies using Silica Earth™ products in diverse nutrient soil environments have shown promising results. Empower AG applies industry standard testing methodologies to study the complex relationships between nutrient, mineral, heavy metal, and microbiological composition. Visible results can usually be seen within 30-45 days, depending on the crop, plant growth cycle, and original soil composition.

Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s recommendations for application rates at every stage of plant growth.

See application chart for further details. 

Silica Earth™ Soil Conditioner is NOT recommended for foliar application.

The Silica Earth™ Material and Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) can be found here.

Precautions During Handling and Use

Adverse health effects associated with exposure to silica results from chronic exposures, when inhale