Frequently Asked Questions

Silica Earth™ are a rare composition of sustainably harvested volcanic minerals prepared as a powdered or granular soil amendment, which can be watered in or applied dry for soil remediation and plant boosting effects. The matrix of minerals in Silica Earth™ products work synergistically to create one of nature’s most powerful plant nutrients and soil inputs.
Silica is a common form of Silicon (Si), and is the most prevalent inorganic compound found in plants. Silica is bioavailable to plants in the form of silicic acid, which is missing from many soils and grow mediums. Silicic acid can be used as a soil remediator and plant nutrient to increase plant vigor and crop yields in gardens, farms, greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, and other agricultural and horticultural spaces.

Silica Earth™ products are a soil amendment (Milled or Granular) that can be amended into soil beds, added to soil mixes, applied as a top-dress, and used for all transplanting. The Milled Silica can also be used for foliar application.

Silica Earth™ products are recommended as a premium input to increase soil microbiology and for building healthy soil composition. Find more information about using Silica Earth™ products on your plants on the Applications page.